When you choose JetStream, you take the pressure off of who should deal with your compressed gas cylinders.

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Unique Compressed Gas Cylinder Disposal

Economical Processing & Disposal

When you choose JetStream, you take the pressure off of who should deal with your compressed gas cylinders

JetStream is a unique resource that brings you economical processing and disposal of compressed gas cylinders. All on site. With lower risk.


We help national and independent business owners protect their teams… reduce and control costs… and ensure compliance.


Our Personalized Services Are On-Site, Lowering Risk and Saving You Money.


Our transparent pricing with no surprise upcharges.


Our annual service plans include preparation for recycling and disposal.


We help you protect your teams.


You don’t want used cylinders to end up in landfills where they impact the environment.


You don’t want cylinders to pile up at work sites or in warehouses, where they can be neglected for weeks, months or years, and pose a physical hazard and liability risk.


You’ll find JetStream is flexible and easy to work with


With up front, transparent pricing and no surprise up charges


Straightforward processes and procedures.


Having highly trained professional staff take care of these issues for you.


JetStream’s approach of processing orphaned cylinders on your job site typically allows us to provide a more cost-effective solution than other vendors that transport cylinders, which is highly-regulated and dangerous, avoiding liabilities and lowering costs.

“There are very few people who do it. And these people do it well. We had a problem with another company, they had very unpredictable pricing — we got charged 3-times the estimated cost, plus a “mobilization” cost! The way JetStream works is there’s a cost per cylinder, and it’s adjusted based on the real count. And they can service (all our facilities), so no problem with (small) footprint. This was a lot better way to do business.”

Lindsay Maine
SA Recycling

How We Help

We Help you Go Green and Reduce Risk in Three Ways


We work within strict safety and environmental guidelines to manage used compressed gas cylinders in compliance with the DOT and Compressed Gas Association. Through our efforts, we contribute to the more than 70 million tons of ferrous scrap recycled in the industry annually. That’s turned into more than half of the annual total U.S. raw steel production and saves a significant amount of energy.


Our economical, on-site service lets scrap operators put hundreds or thousands of pounds of scrap on the market to help recoup processing costs. For specialty gas distributors, Jet Stream Compressed Gas Services handles recovery of gases, such as Freon and other refrigerants, and refills, recertifies, and recycles gas cylinders.

Safety & Compliance

The management of compressed gas cylinders presents significant safety hazards. Cylinders may contain flammable materials under high pressure that pose a serious risk. Transportation and storage of compressed gas cylinders is restricted and regulated by several federal and state regulations. JSCGS will help you navigate the safety and compliance risks that compressed gas cylinders present.

Jet Stream can help reduce risk of compressed gas cylinders and protect your team & environment.

Plus the added benefits of on-site processing and lower upfront pricing. Reach out to learn more.

How We Compare 

We Take the Pressure Off Deciding Who to Hire

Other Services


Do it Yourself?



On-Site Processing

Some do, some don’t.

The greater the number and type of cylinders transported, the higher the transportation risk hazards

✔️NO Transportation for most cylinders; we handle them on site. Recycling, disposal, inventory management, and compliance reporting.
✔️ lowers liabilities
✔️ reduces transportation cost


Higher Price

Lower Price

Handle All Kinds

Some do, some don’t.

✔️ If we encounter hazardous or “mystery cylinders” onsite that cannot be identified, we supply options and help manage disposal of these potentially dangerous cylinders safely through third party vendors.

Plans & Agreements

Rigid contracts and policies; structured corporate mentality

Personalized Service; professional services delivered with entrepreneurial flexibility

Discounts for Annual Contracts

Do They?

✔️ Yes, we offer annual service contracts and on-demand service when you need it.

Multiple Cylinder Types

Maybe they handle it, maybe they don’t

✔️ We handle non-hazardous, manage it all for you, and prepare most kinds for recycling right on site.


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About Us

The JetStream Team

We’ve taken the pressure off hundreds of thousands of cylinders of all kinds.


Led by a military-trained environmental engineer and industrial health specialist with over 15 years of experience dealing with hazardous chemicals.


Compressed Gas Association of America (CGA), member


National Safety Council, member


Fully licensed and insured


Trained and Certified field staff with the experience and equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently


Approved contractor for multiple national clients


Headquartered in Atlanta, GA with nationwide coverage