Compressed Gas Cylinder Disposal in [page_title]

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We come to you and provide ONSITE cylinder recycling services nationwide and throughout [page_title] so you can avoid transportation of cylinders which is restricted by multiple state and federal regulations.

Reasonable rates with no surprise up-charges

Simple process and procedures

Highly trained professional staff

Fully licensed and insured

What We Do

At Jet Stream Compressed Gas Services we support clients nationwide, including the state of [page_title], with cost-effective gas cylinder processing services – including disposal and recycling –to the Scrap Metal, Environmental, Industrial, Medical, Gas Manufacturing, and Recycling Industries along with Government entities, Transfer Stations and Fleet Managers.

We don’t want used cylinders to end up in landfills where they impact the environment or to build up in storage where they can be neglected for years and pose a physical and environmental hazard.

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Jet Stream Compressed Gas Services makes it easy to solve your cylinder problems and Recycle Your Risk. Contact us to discuss your situation and/or to receive a free quote.

Our Process


We assess the contents of spent compressed gas cylinders. A pile of miscellaneous gas cylinders can present a serious hazard as it sits in your scrap yard or other recovery facility


We safely extract the gas residue. Most cylinders contain easily manageable substances such as oxygen, nitrogen, propane and acetylene. We vent them into the atmosphere or safely flare them off.


We recycle any valuable gases. Gases such as freon, nitrogen and nitrous oxide can be recovered and repackaged in cylinders that can be resold.


We prepare damaged cylinders to be reclaimed as scrap metal. When cylinders are designated as scrap, we puncture the tank or shear off the valves to render them safe so you can safely process at your facility and or sell the metal as scrap. You recoup costs while you eliminate a hazard.


In our experience this is rarely encountered (less than 0.5% of over 800,000 cylinders we have processed over the past 105 years), but we are prepared to support our clients if the need arises.

If we encounter hazardous or “mystery cylinders” onsite that cannot be identified, we supply options and pricing for removal and disposal of these potentially dangerous cylinders safely through third party vendors. We assist the client in managing these vendors that specialize in hazardous cylinder disposal through approved methods that meet all regulatory requirements.

Why Choose Us

When you choose JetStream, you take the pressure off of who should deal with your compressed gas cylinders.

– Led by a military-trained environmental engineer and industrial health specialist with over 15 years of experience dealing with hazardous chemicals.

– Compressed Gas Association of America (CGA), member

– National Safety Council, member

– Fully licensed and insured

– Trained and Certified field staff with the experience and equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently

– Approved contractor for multiple national clients

– Headquartered in Atlanta, GA with nationwide coverage 

Full onsite compressed gas cylinder processing in [page_title]

ONSITE Processing

We provide ONSITE processing of compressed gas cylinders throughout [page_title] in accordance with Compressed Gas Association (CGA) Industry Standards and in compliance with federal, state and local regulations. Staying in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a company to recycle or dispose of your cylinders. We have extensive knowledge of these regulations and won’t carry out a job unless we know we’re in full compliance with all of them.

Service Areas in [page_title]

  • Lexington-Fayette
  • Meads
  • Ironville
  • Louisville
  • Lexington
  • Bowling Green