Do you need help clearing used compressed gas cylinders from your yard?

EHS Managers and Company Executives  need to stay ahead of compliance and safety issues that could injure employees or harm the company’s reputation.

Having partially- or fully-used compressed gas cylinders littering your yard is not a tenable situation.

We know how to identify, categorize, and provide a plan to help you deal with this ongoing headache once and for all.

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Why Choose JetStream CGS?

No Cylinder Transport
We handle everything on-site, reducing liability and cost 

Safety First!
Orphaned bottles pose a risk to your workforce. We know how to handle these dangerous cylinders.

No Surprises
We provide upfront pricing with no surprise upcharges

A phone call with JetStream CGS will answer your questions:

  • How can I identify what types of cylinders I have on my property?
  • How does Jet Stream’s process reduce costs versus other handling providers?
  • Are there other reference customers that JetStream has helped in my industry?
  • Does JetStream offer volume discounts for multiple sites?

Take the pressure off with JetStream

We work nationwide to help you protect your teams, reduce costs, and support compliance when dealing with orphaned compressed gas cylinders. We offer up-front, transparent per-cylinder pricing with volume discounts and have proudly partnered with clients nationwide for over ten years.

Put our team to work for you and check those orphaned cylinders off of your to-do list!

Here’s how it works:


We assess your yard inventory and segregate cylinders.

Recapture & Eliminate

We recover any valuable gases for resale, and then we safely extract the cylinder contents.


We prepare cylinders for shredding on-site or transport. 

Imagine looking out across your yard will all orphaned cylinders cleaned up and safely disposed.

Ready to get started?

Fill out our cylinder inventory worksheet

When you fill out this form and send us a few example photos from your property, we’ll be ready to engage and develop a plan for disposal… in a shorter timeframe than you might think.

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 “Jet Stream has provided us service at more than a dozen facilities in the Intermountain and Northwestern U.S. with excellent performance and results.”

Kirby Farner
Pacific Steel & Recycling