How To Safely Store Compressed Gas Cylinders In A Scrap Metal Yard

Compressed gas cylinders are vital for operating a range of important tools in a scrap yard. This means that most employees will be moving the cylinders around the yard throughout the day as they go about their tasks. Compressed gas cylinders come with a range of risks, and it is vital that you understand gas cylinder safety if your facility is making use of them. Storing gas cylinders safely isn’t overly difficult, but you have to make several considerations before deciding where to keep them.

Properly Securing Your Cylinders

There are three different ways to secure a compressed gas cylinder, through the use of chains, clamshells, and frame casings. It is important to make sure the caps are on the tanks while they are being stored, and that they are only hand tightened with the valves in the closed position.

Securing Tanks with Chains

When you use chains you need to make sure you are using two different chains and securing the tank to a sturdy anchor point such as a wall. The chains should wrap the tank on both ends and they should each be one third of the total distance away from the end of the tank. Straps and ropes are not acceptable alternatives to chains.

The tanks should be kept in the vertical position unless they are meant to be used horizontally. It’s acceptable to store up to three tanks of the same size in a row using the same two chains.

Utilizing Clamshells

Tank clamshells are more expensive than chains are, but they offer an increased level of security and protection. Clamshells are hollow metal cylinders that are anchored to a floor or platform. They are the ideal way to secure tanks that are used in the same location every time. Clamshells are harder to use in scrap yards, but they could work well in certain indoor sections of the yard.

Using a Frame Casing for Small Tanks

When you have smaller compressed gas cylinders you need to use different gas cylinder safety measures. A frame casing is basically a clamshell that relies on beams to hold the tank in place instead of a solid metal wall. This makes it easier to access the tank and will hold it more securely than chains could.

Moving the Cylinders Around

Most scrap yards have tools moving around throughout the day and that means that you will have to move your gas cylinders as well. It’s vital that the cylinders all have the safety cap in place when they are transported. They should be moved using a two wheeled transportation cart that securely straps the tank into place. While moving the cylinder it’s vital to walk slowly and avoid dropping the tank as much as possible.

Maintaining a Safe Environment for the Cylinders

Gas cylinder safety isn’t just about keeping the cylinders firmly in place or moving them around safely, it is also about the environment that the cylinders are kept in. They should all be stored in a dry location because moisture can lead to corrosion. The empty cylinders should be kept separate from the full ones. Always store the cylinders away from heat and flame sources, and keep them away from oxygen tanks as well. The cylinders should all be kept in a secure location with sturdy walls on all four sides. If you follow these best practices for storing compressed gas cylinders you shouldn’t have any problems keeping your scrap yard safe and operational for a long time.

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