Benefits Of Hiring A Gas Cylinder Recycling Service

If you’ve been staring at a pile of compressed gas cylinders wondering what to do with them you may want to think about using a gas cylinder recycling service. These services come to your location and prepare all of your cylinders for recycling so you can finally get rid of them and collect that scrap value. A gas cylinder recycling service is beneficial in many ways other than just giving you an easy way to dispose of those cylinders finally.
Remove the Liability from Your Company with Professionals
The number one reason that it makes sense to hire a professional gas cylinder recycling service is because it removes all the liability from your company. There is no risk of employees getting injured while trying to prepare tanks without the necessary training and equipment.
Did you know that a single gas cylinder compressed at 2000 PSI has as much energy as 1.5 pounds of TNT. If something punctures that tank it can do a tremendous amount of damage to people in the general area. Even tanks containing safe gases such as nitrogen have been known to kill people when handled improperly. Now imagine asking your employees to handle high pressure tanks that contain toxic gases or flammable gases such as propane.
Not only would you be risking their lives, but you run the risk of harming the environment and the reputation of your business, and that doesn’t even factor in any possible penalties or lawsuits you have to worry about when things go wrong.
Get Rid of Those Tanks Quickly
It’s pretty safe to say that when you decide you want a pile of compressed gas cylinders out of your yard you don’t want them to be removed over the course of several weeks as employees try to process the tanks without the right tools and training. A professional team has all the right tools and training to get the job done quickly. That means that you can get rid of that dangerous pile of scrap metal faster than before and you will finally be able to stop worrying about it.
The longer you have dangerous tanks sitting around your facility the greater the chance that something will go wrong with them. Even if the tanks are stored properly you don’t want them eating up all your space while you try and figure out what to do with them and you won’t have to if the pros take care of them for you.
Get Back some of Your Money by Collecting Scrap Value
Another benefit to having a recycling crew come in instead of disposing of the tanks a different way is that you get to recycle the metal when you’re finished. Sure the scrap value won’t cover the cost of the on-site recycling service, but you can recoup some of those costs at least. Many times you can get back between 10 and 20 percent of the total processing cost when you recycle the scrap left behind by the tanks.

Compressed cylinders aren’t just unsavory to look at but they are an actual danger to your employees who have to work around them regularly. Stop letting the tanks pile up and get a recycling service in to take care of them. You’ll thank yourself for it later when the tanks are gone and you finally have peace of mind.

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