Want to reduce the risks of compressed gas cylinders… and to protect your team and the environment?

Want upfront pricing and lower costs, with on-site processing?

Take the pressure off with JetStream.

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JetStream has safely dealt with 300,000+ compressed gas cylinders over the past 10 years, we’ve got lots of experience!

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What We Do

JetStream Compressed Gas Services provides cost-effective compressed gas cylinder management services – including preparation for recycling and disposal – for the scrap metal, waste management, recycling and other industries across the country.

We bring our compressed gas cylinder management services to you. Most cylinders are managed on site, reducing transportation risks. At lower cost.

Environmental Health and Safety Professionals and Safety Conscious Organizations typically look to JSCGS when….


They are concerned by the risk from compressed gas cylinders that sneak in and accumulate in their yards.


They are under significant pressure to enforce company policies and government regulations in the most cost-effective manner possible.


They are committed to improving their budget planning and compliance reporting.


They are frustrated by the management and administrative time required to continually source and manage multiple vendors and proposals for cylinder disposal.

“Handling these cylinders is a huge risk, having an inexperienced person vent a sealed unit. And our shredder is pretty violent! It creates a fireball, and that’s very dangerous, very concerning. These guys know their stuff. The got it done on time, at the price we agreed to. And when we had “overs,” that was handled fairly. It was good all around, I recommend them.”

Brett Clancy, Safety Director
Midwest Scrap Management

How We Compare 

We Take the Pressure Off Deciding Who to Hire

Other Services


Do it Yourself?



On-Site Processing

Some do, some don’t.

The greater the number and type of cylinders transported, the higher the transportation risk hazards

✔️NO Transportation for most cylinders; we handle them on site. Recycling, disposal, inventory management, and compliance reporting.
✔️ lowers liabilities
✔️ reduces transportation cost


Higher Price

Lower Price

Handle All Kinds

Some do, some don’t.

✔️ If we encounter hazardous or “mystery cylinders” onsite that cannot be identified, we supply options and help manage disposal of these potentially dangerous cylinders safely through third party vendors.

Plans & Agreements

Rigid contracts and policies; structured corporate mentality

Personalized Service; professional services delivered with entrepreneurial flexibility

Discounts for Annual Contracts

Do They?

✔️ Yes, we offer annual service contracts and on-demand service when you need it.

Multiple Cylinder Types

Maybe they handle it, maybe they don’t

✔️ We handle non-hazardous, manage it all for you, and prepare most kinds for recycling right on site.


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